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Hi I'm Zoe. I'm 18. I love painting, photography, drawing, and all things art. I read. I want to write, so that might happen. I am a proud battler of the sea, reader, and addicted to children's stories. Oh, and I really want to be a fairy.
Like a lot.


Cophine, introduction in Season 1 and last moment in Season 2.

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Lumberpunk + Season 2

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DAMMIT BBC AMERICA just tell us it’s renewed!

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Whoa, ‘The Island of Dr. Moreau’.
It’s about a man who makes monsters.

S2/3 meta - The plausible keys to Cosima’s cure are revealed at the end of 2x08: Professor Duncan’s copy of ‘The Island of Dr. Moreau’ which holds the key to his synthetic sequences, and the ‘Angry Angel’ Helena who leaves her embryos in the liquid nitrogen canister in 2x10. (Human embryonic stem cells can be derived from preimplantation-stage embryos fertilized outside a woman’s body (in vitro)). 

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Orphan Black S2: new clones

how many of us are there?

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by means which have never yet been tried

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Tatiana Maslany + Improv Scenes in Orphan Black

TM: “Improv is completely invaluable when it comes to acting and character creation.” (x)

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Weird… I guess this scene was cut from the finale?


Weird… I guess this scene was cut from the finale?

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